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Name: Euphonic
Authors: Fair, Rebecca L.; Farmer, Jessica L.; Jackson, Adam J.; King, James C.; Le, Manh D.; Perring, Toby G.; Pettitt, Connor; Refson, Keith; Tucker, Gregory S.; Voneshen, David J.; Wilkins, Jacob S.;
Description: Euphonic is a Python package for efficient simulation of phonon bandstructures, density of states and inelastic neutron scattering intensities from force constants
Version: 1.3.1
Released: 30 January 2024
Keywords: Python, physics, phonons, inelastic neutron scattering, CASTEP, Phonopy

Cite as: Fair R.L., Farmer J.L., Jackson A.J., King J.C., Le M.D., Perring T.G., Pettitt C., Refson K., Tucker G.S., Voneshen D.J., Wilkins J.S. (2024). Euphonic (version 1.3.1). DOI: URL: